Josephine Bush MA Law, CTA

Experiences outside of the workplace have significantly informed my leadership development, style and ethos. These reflect the professional self as much as personal self, evidencing my ability to take on risk, map its impacts, plan accordingly, strive for the end, challenging myself and others on the journey.

I participated in a number of events but the most impactful ones were:

  • Marathon des Sables-2007: 6 marathons run over 6 days in the Sahara desert. Whilst running individually you need to look out for the community of runners given the extreme remote environment you are in:
  • Amundsen Expedition- 2018 and 2020: This is a hard core endurance event pulling a pulk for 100 miles non-stop across the Hardangervidda in Norway. In 2018, I was the first British woman to attempt and complete the race (in 50 hours). I had to learn a number of new skills doing this. I learned that you can take on the most extraordinary, seemingly impossible challenge and succeed if you put your mind to it. In 2020, I led an all British female team. I made the difficult decision to withdraw the team at the penultimate checkpoint given the extreme weather conditions:
  • 500 Mile kayak down the Yukon river in Alaska with amputees - 2015: I was the partner lead for EY, who joint ventured with a military charity to take amputees down the Yukon river. Our role was to support the amputees. We wild camped on the side of the river, managing extreme remoteness and the dangers of wildlife. I learned the art of ‘quiet’ leadership, leading by example and service to others:
  • Devizes to Westminister kayak race: 125 miles non- stop kayak race in a two man kayak. A tough endurance challenge with real highs and lows. I realised the power of positive thought through adversity:

Giving back

  • Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society - awarded as a result of the charity expedition work I have done assisting amputees in remote regions
  • EY Partner sponsor supporting the EY Foundation’s initiative to get young women (16-18 yrs) from disadvantaged regions into employment - speaker and partner sponsor of numerous events for schools in the London region
  • 2015-2019 - Trustee of Pilgrim Bandits, a military charity run by special forces personnel to raise money for expeditions for injured service men and women
  • 2006-2008 - Trustee of George’s, Bristol; a venue for the performing arts supporting established and emerging artists

Other skills

  • Music scholar
  • Level 1 kayak coach - teaching amputees to kayak, Level 3 individual kayak skills
  • Squash player
  • Support of the Arts
Jo Bush portrait

What I do outside of work is a reflection of the person I am in work. The more I have achieved professionally, the more I want to give back personally. And I have learned so much from these outside of work experiences that have enriched my life in every way.